KTISMA journal & Accidental Architecture

Accidental Architecture published on KTISMA journal #3, Latent Potentials "KTISMA journal is proud to present its third issue, an investigation into Latent Potentials. By interpreting essays, mappings, architectural projects, and theoretical examinations we question the roles our environments assume. This issue is intended to promote focused critical thought into existent sustainable discourses through collaboratively examining Latent Potentials." …

KTISMA journal & Self destructing systems

Self destructing systems published on KTISMA journal #1, YOU HOLD THE GUN! Inspired by Bruno Latour’s and Albena Yaneva’s 2008 article “Give me a Gun and I Will Make All Buildings Move: An ANT’S View Of Architecture.” http://ktismajournal.com/ Link to KTISMA journal website. © KTISMA is not an official publication of the University of Oregon's Architecture.